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A cesspool or septic tank is an important part of any home. If any part of your cesspool begins to malfunction, it could have inconvenient or disastrous results.

Keep your cesspool or septic tank in good condition with septic tank or cesspool pumping from Strong Island Cesspool & Drain. Our efficient and affordable service will help you avoid or manage any potential disasters. Learn more about our services in Medford, NY, today.

When Should You Get a Septic Tank Service?

Septic tanks are common across North America because of their environmental value and convenience. A septic tank is part of the septic system, which has many steps for proper functioning.

If you suspect your tank is malfunctioning, the following signs are strong indicators that you need septic tank pumping or service:

  • Ultra-healthy lawn above drainfield. If the lawn on your drainfield looks a lot better than the rest of your grass, your septic tank is giving excessive waste to your grass, indicating a septic tank issue.

  • Sewage backup. Raw sewage in your home indicates an immediate issue with your tank.

  • Standing water. Pooling water around your yard indicates a malfunctioning septic tank.

If your septic tank is acting up, contact the experts at Strong Island Cesspool & Drain to take care of it.

When Should You Get Cesspool Service?

Cesspools are made of a perforated concrete ring, which is buried underground. Waste and wastewater drain into the cesspool before the liquid waste drains through the holes into the soil.

Cesspools often need frequent servicing to make sure they drain properly. If you notice a bad odor from overflowing drains or slow drains, you need to have your cesspool pumped.

If your cesspool is too old to be repaired, it may be best to replace it with a septic system, which is more eco-friendly and efficient. At Strong Island Cesspool & Drain, we have the expertise to service and pump your cesspool quickly and efficiently. Our 24-hour service and low prices will fix any issue you encounter.

Call us at 631-873-6550 to get your cesspool or septic tank back in great condition.

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